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The Ryder Lake Institutes Hall is available for rent by residents, 

non-residents or groups.



Celebrations of Life



Check out upcoming and past events and our schedule of regular meetings.


Every Thursday from 1pm to 4pm

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The Ryder Lake Farmers' Institute and the Ryder Lake Women's Institute jointly own the Hall, and organize the majority of the events held in the community.

All residents are encouraged to join one or both of the Institutes.


Our Community

Ryder Lake is an historic farming community on the outskirts of Chilliwack nestled in a valley surrounded by Elk Mountain, Mount McGuire and Mt Thom.

The Ryder Lake Institutes Hall is the focal point of the community and the venue for most of our community events.  These include craft fairs, potluck dinners, a Country Fair and Dew Worm races, and children's activities such as Breakfast with Santa.  The Hall is maintained solely through fund raising and rentals, and the help of volunteers.   

How to find us

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