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Check out links to local resources for information on  garbage pickup, school bus schedules and more.


Check out some of our wonderful local businesses!


Volunteer Contributions 

We have some amazing volunteers in our community who have given so much time and support to the ongoing maintenance of the hall and to helping organize a huge range of events.

We would also like to acknowledge the support of our local businesses, especially those that have donated their time and supplies to help with renovations.

Community Survey - 2020

A survey was targeted to the residents or land owners of Ryder Lake between August 28th and September 13th, 2020.  Over 170 responses were received representing a cross section of new and established residents.    

The goal was to:

  • Provide information on events of interest to residents to aid in future planning of activities at the hall or in the community at large; and

  • Increase awareness of the two institutes that own the Ryder Lake Institutes Hall.

Charts show the responses to each question and a selection of the comments and suggestions received. 

View the summary results:  Ryder Lake Community Survey Results September 19 2020.


A comprehensive book on the history of Ryder Lake has been written by Bea Mazurenko and is available for purchase from the Chilliwack Museum and Archives Gift Shop.

Ryder Lake: The Place The People, by Mazurenko, Beatrice M. 2009.

Bea Mazurenko also has a website with information and photos at

The Chilliwack Archives maintains some records and photos relating to Ryder Lake and the Chilliwack Progress has a search interface covering newspaper issues from 1891 to 2007.

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