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Every Thursday afternoon from 1pm to 4pm
Ryder Lake Hall
Come and join us for coffee and goodies!  Everyone Welcome! 
Paused for the summer - restarting September 2024

Need help with technology?

Our Program Co-ordinator can help you with questions or problems.  Bring your laptop, tablet or smart phone with you and book a session.

Our weekly Tech Topics include:

  • Setting up an email account;

  • Getting started with social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram

  • Digitizing your photos for safekeeping;

  • Managing your passwords;

  • Avoiding scams.

Looking for an opportunity to get together with friends and neighbours?

Join us every week for activities such as:

  • Short Tech Talks with tips and tricks for useful websites and apps;

  • Speakers on topics of interest;

  • Free coffee and goodies!

Suggestions welcome!

Interested in helping us? Or do you have a friend or an elderly relative that finds new technology challenging? Come and chat to us or sign up for our mentoring training session.

This a project initiated by the Ryder Lake Women's Institute to benefit all residents of Ryder Lake, but especially seniors who may not have access to technology at home, or may need some extra help.    Whether you are using the internet already or don't know where to start, there will be something for you!

This program will be restarting after the summer in September 2024.

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